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Metadata driven pipeline Introduction. Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipelines can be used to orchestrate the movement and transformation of on-premises or cloud based data sets (there are currently over 90 connectors).The Integrate feature of Azure Syanpse Analytics leverages the same codebase as ADF for creating pipelines to move or transform data.. The goal of this workshop is to provide step-by ...

Map A Multi Target Lookup Field In Azure Data Factory - Dynamics 365 Data Import. Dynamics 365 has these special lookup fields which can reference multiple entities. Meaning, you can select record not just from one entity but other as well. One of the typical example is an Owner field where you chose a user or a team as well, A customer field ...
Row Numbers in Azure Data Factory Data Flows. (2020-Oct-05) Adding a row number to your dataset could a trivial task. Both ANSI and Spark SQL have the row_number () window function that can enrich your data with a unique number for your whole or partitioned data recordset. Recently I had a case of creating a data flow in Azure Data Factory (ADF ...
    1. The series continues! This is the sixth blog post in this series on Azure Data Factory, if you have missed any or all of the previous blog posts you can catch up using the provided links here: Check out part one here: Azure Data Factory - Get Metadata Activity Check out part two here: Azure…
    2. Azure Data Factory has a native activity for subscribing via Webhook. Using the abstract above as an example, you would specify the subscription URL of the "Mechanic" (this is typically a POST) and in the body any headers, or parameters required. At the time of invocation of this activity in a pipeline, Data Factory will add an additional ...
    3. In this entry, we will look at dynamically calling an open API in Azure Data Factory (ADF). In the example, we will connect to an API, use a config file to generate the requests that are sent to the API and write the response to a storage account, using the config file to give the output a bit of context.
    4. Azure Data Factory accesses any required secret from Azure Key Vault when required. For example, imagine that you need to move information from Azure Data Lake to Azure Synapse Analytics and you want to store the connection strings in Azure Key Vault. The following diagram explains the flow between the environments.
    5. Post 24 of 26 in Beginner's Guide to Azure Data Factory. In the previous post, ... The first is a configuration file in Azure Data Lake Storage. The other is a configuration table in an Azure SQL Database. ... activity. Now we want to pass the file name from the lookup activity to the execute pipeline parameter. Click add dynamic content: We ...
    6. Microsoft Azure ADF - Dynamic Pipelines. Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud based data integration service that allows you to create data-driven workflows in the cloud for orchestrating and ...
    7. First of all you need to create your Azure Data Factory then you can Start the Copy Data tool the "connection" that you are asking for and the one that you need to select/use is available on the step 3 of this article. 3.-On the Source data store page, complete the following steps: a.
    8. The basic steps will be: Open your existing Data Factory. Export it as an ARM Template. Create an "empty" Data Factory with the new name. Change the name of the Data Factory in the parameter file in your ARM template. Deploy your ARM Template. First of all, you should open the Data Factory that you would like to rename.
    9. A lot of organizations are moving to the Cloud striving for a more scalable and flexible Business Analytics set-up. However, they might still be having various databases and sources on-premise and thus wondering how to set up a hybrid environment. In this insight we want to help you build a successful hybrid Cloud set-up for Business Analytics using Azure Data Factory.
    In my last article, Load Data Lake files into Azure Synapse DW Using Azure Data Factory, I discussed how to load ADLS Gen2 files into Azure SQL DW using the COPY INTO command as one option. Now that I have designed and developed a dynamic process to 'Auto Create' and load my 'etl' schema tables into SQL DW with snappy compressed parquet files ...
In recent posts I've been focusing on Azure Data Factory. Today I'd like to talk about using a Stored Procedure as a sink or target within Azure Data Factory's (ADF) copy activity. Most times when I use copy activity, I'm taking data from a source and doing a straight copy, normally into a table in SQL Server for example.

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For example, you have defined Azure Blob dataset. Go to Connection tab and set the cursor on File Path; Add dynamic content should appear. Once you click on it, the Insert Dynamic Content panel should appear. At the bottom, you should see the Parameters section with all parameters defined within the pipeline.

Get Token from Azure AD using OAUTH v2.0 using Azure data factory. "Azure Data factory retrieve token from Azure AD using OAUTH 2.0" is published by Balamurugan Balakreshnan in Analytics Vidhya.

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